About Us

Vector is More Than a Temp Agency

Vector Technical Resources, an award-winning technical IT staffing company, is committed to changing the perception of the typical staffing firm. One of the fastest growing talent acquisition companies in the U.S., Vector provides the finest in value-added IT and business staffing solutions to government contractors as well as commercial firms in healthcare, banking, financial services, utilities, logistics and biotech.

From our home base in the Washington, D.C. area, we can reach all the way across the nation to find top IT talent in cybersecurity, cloud services, data warehousing and health IT or, as client needs dictate, in human resources and finance. Whether at the technical level or C-level, Vector will deliver.

But there’s more to Vector than finding top talent. Our aim is to become a trusted partner with each and every client, from the strategic planning table all the way through the delivery of customized, fully-vetted and supremely talented IT resources.

From meeting single talent needs to staffing entire project teams, Vector’s unique client-centric approach, coupled with our national reach, makes us an essential human capital resource in delivering or supporting key client initiatives. Vector provides the qualified talent a client needs, for as long as the client needs them.

Vector can provide cleared or uncleared personnel. All talent provided by Vector is fully vetted, thoroughly screened and clearance-verified.

Vector’s mission is to be the industry’s most trusted and most reliable recruitment solution. We deliver the most heavily vetted and ideally matched technical talent available so that our clients can fulfill their own missions, and be the best at what they do.

  • Vector is THE solution for small and mid-tier businesses that see the value in delegating the critical function of recruitment to recruitment experts.
  • Vector provides only the highest value and most heavily vetted candidates for every client requirement because we understand what is at stake with every placement: client reputations and customer expectations.
  • Vector is THE recruiting solution completely committed to flawless execution and ideal candidate matches, for every customer requirement.

Vector is the most trusted and respected recruitment partner for small and mid-tier market leaders because of our proven commitment to lasting relationships, outstanding customer service, employee education and highest-quality, vetted staffing of customer requirements. 

Integrity: Vector operates with the highest ethical standards in every customer interaction, and does not make promises it can’t fulfill. We only present screened, vetted, and available people that are aligned with specific customer needs. We understand what is at stake when a mismatched resource is placed, and are committed to only placing talent that meets the end-customer’s requirement.

Teamwork: At Vector, our entire team is behind the placement and success of each candidate. All company functions are valued equally. The contribution of every team member yields the best possible outcome for our clients. To deliver the very best, there is no room for weak links in our organization. Every team member excels at their role, and brings their best to every requirement.

Rigor: Our client delivery process is precise, meticulous, and rigorous. We ensure successful execution of every deal that makes it through our vetting process. We understand the unique complexities of requirements as a prime contractor, subcontractor, and teaming partner, and are committed to providing the best-matched resources possible.

Connection: Quality relationships are a cornerstone of Vector. We consistently demonstrate respect and appreciation with our clients, candidates, vendors, and employees. We take a 360-degree look at every relationship to understand exactly what the relationship needs to be successful. Vector associates bring a high degree of empathy to our relationships. We put ourselves in the shoes of everyone we work with to understand their perspectives and needs, and set up both parties for success.

Education: Vector’s commitment to excellence begins with our commitment to education. We arm our employees, partners, vendors, and customers with the intelligence they need to excel. Vector associates stay current, relevant, and knowledgeable on all topics that are important to our clients. Employee education is mandatory, and we actively participate in the top learning communities, including the American Staffing Association (ASA), the Professional Services Council (PSC), the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA), and the Northern Virginia Technology Council (NVTC).



Vector Technical Resources is your professional IT staffing and recruiting agency in the Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland areas. We specialize in providing staffing and employment solutions to government contractors, banking, healthcare, and utility industries. Vector offers a perfect hiring situation, whether it’s a temp job, contract consulting, contract-to-hire, or direct hire. Our employment agency proudly serves the following cities: Parkersburg, Charleston, Winchester, Alexandria, Fredericksburg, Richmond, Washington DC, Virginia Beach, Silver Spring, Baltimore, Hyattsville, and Frederick – and beyond.